Before commencing on a Magnificent Munchers programme we will carry out an assessment of your child to find out more information about their needs and how best we can help them. Prior to assessment we ask that parents complete the following:

  • A comprehensive questionnaire detailing your child’s eating history
  • A 7 day food diary for your child

Your child’s food diary will be analysed by our Dietician who will then make appropriate recommendations to ensure children are nutritionally safe in what they are eating.

Home assessments take place at a meal time. During the meal our therapists will observe your child eating and drinking their preferred food and drink. The therapists will bring along their own food so that they are able to eat alongside your child during the assessment.

Food School Children will be assessed during their first session at the venue. This assessment usually takes the form of exploratory food play. We encourage the children to play and explore a variety of food textures and smells with the focus on fun. They can eat the food if they wish but there is not expectation at this stage.

Following these assessments the Occupational Therapist and Speech and Language Therapist will then be able to create a plan to suit your child.

Remember there are no right and wrong answers to the questions. We will not be judging  parents or carers nor are we  judging the foods your child is or isn’t eating!

At Magnificent Munchers our aim is to help both parents or carers and children overcome their issues surrounding food. The assessment is the first stage of the process in helping fussy eaters or picky eaters.

To discuss how Magnificent Munchers could benefit your child who has eating difficulties or to arrange an assessment call 07591 733420 or email us