SOS Approach

The SOS (Sequential, Oral, Sensory) approach was developed in America by Kay Toomey and her team. The approach looks at all aspects of the child including their motor skills, behaviour/learning, sensory needs, medical history and nutritional factors to fully assess and work with children with eating difficulties. The approach is grounded philosophically in the stages and skills of eating found in typically developing children. Therapists work with your child introducing new food at their pace making it fun as children learn to interact with food through exploring and playing with food. Children will work through the steps to eating by firstly learning to accept the food in the room, in front of them, touch it, kiss it, lick it and eventually tasting and eating the food.

Parents / carers will be given weekly advice to work on skills at home including how to incorporate your child’s learning into meal times at home. Progress can only be achieved with parents / carers, child and therapists working together.

If you’re concerned about how to get your child to eat a full range of foods the SOS approach could provide the solution.

To discuss how the SOS approach could benefit your child who has eating difficulties or to arrange an assessment call 07591 733420 or email the Magnificent Munchers team